POWERCORD and waterblocking cord

Powercord is used to fill large voids in power cables by simultaneous longitudinally waterproofing in low, medium and high voltage applications.

Powercord is available in semi-conducting (type PSC) and insulating (type WBC) performance in the diameter of 8 mm to 50 mm, with very high strength in areas of 150 to 2000 N. Powercord is reaching a very high water absorption, depending on the diameter more than 10 liters / meter. Even in sea water a water absorption up to 2 liters / meter is possible. Powercord can be supplied on cable reels up to a diameter of 1 m.


  • Diameter and strength can be individually and quickly adaptable to any form of cable
  • Swellability of the material is adaptable to the cable construction
  • Conductivity of the material is adaptable to the cable construction
  • Powercord is up to 80 % lighter than other filling materials
  • Cables constructed with Powercord can be bent easily
  • Powercord can be used in the cable manufacturing process easier, because torsion can be compensated
  • Improved CO2 balance (up to 80%) compared to conventional cable filler in EPDM

Cross section of a POWERCORD filled cable

MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheets
PSC Download (PDF)
PFC Download (PDF)
WBC Download (PDF)