Waterblocking yarns

Waterblocking yarns and waterblocking strings

30-fold volume expansion in the event of water penetration !

Requirements for the cable construction and materials used are constantly increasing. GarnTec therefore produces waterblocking yarns and water- blocking strings. GarnTec yarns can be used as binder or longitudinally as center elments or filling strings.

GarnTec waterblocking yarns and waterblocking strings with paper inlay have been especially developed for longitudinally waterblocked cable constructions. In the event of water penetration, for example damaged cable, the swelling substance of the yarn expands immediately, seal gaps and cavities along the cable and blocks further water penetration. The damage is limited – GarnTec waterblocking yarns and waterblocking strings minimize repair costs !

Our products are characterized through following properties:

  • high swelling capability in shortest time
  • high water absorption up to 140 ml/g
  • high thermal resistance
  • no corrosive components
  • long term resistance to ageing and to decomposition
  • high tensile strength up to 1000 N

The yarns and tapes can be used in all kind of cables, equal if it is an optical cable, telecommunication cable, power cable or special cable.