Quality & environment

Quality, environmental protection and safety

The requirements for the quality of our products and services, the environmental protection and the security of our employees are connected very closely. Supported by an integrated management system for quality assurance, environmental protection and work safety we create the best conditions to cope with these demands.

Certificate DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
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Operational environmental protection

In addition to our commitment which is symbolized by the main ideas esprit, excellence and efficiency we regularly want to check the activities of our company with a view to whether it is accordance with our environmental policy, the principal of keeping all relevant legal rules and regulations and the principle of steady improvement of our company’s environmental policy.

We want to avoid an environmental pollution respectively to minimize it in a controlled manner. We want to secure the technical and organizational realization of our environmental policy by an environmental management system which also allows us to recognize any deviation from our target. These will be corrected as quickly as possible an measures will be taken and recorded in order to possibly avoid repetition.

Our aim is to strengthen the confidence of our customers and to consolidate our position in the market.

GarnTec has been certified in 1997 – this time as “paper spinning mill” of the Julius Glatz GmbH – ISO 9001 – since End of 2000 ISO 14001 and in 2003 the ISO 9001:2000 – certification.

Quality policy of GarnTec

The company policy covers the quality, environmental and occupational safety aspects of the company. As a specialist with many years of experience in the productionand finishing of paper yarns, paper cords, paper tapes, binder yarns, swellable yarns and nonwovens, we offer our customers technical know-how in consulting and implementation, high precision in production and reliability in order processing.

The quality policy of GarnTec GmbH was formulated by the management and is regularly reviewed for appropiateness and effectiveness within the scope of the managament evaluation and revised if necessary. It takes into account customer expectations and needs, includes the commitment of all levels of the company to meet the defined requirements and to continuous improvement, and forms the framework for setting and reviewing quality objectives. The impact of climate change on both the company’s processes and climate change is also addressed. The quality policy serves all employees as a guideline for the execution of their work. The management is responsible for ensuring that the quality policy is made known, understood and implented throughout the company.

To achieve our goals, we provide the necessary human and financial resources. The management effectively supports the executives and employees concerned with quality and environmental issues. We regularly review the relevant processes, we update and document them in our quality management manual, which is binding for all.

GarnTec Code of Conduct
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Our attitude and the quality of our thinking are the origin of the quality of our products and services. We derive the following principles from this:

Orientation to the needs or ouf customers

Quality in everything we do

Zero error strategy

Continuous improvement of all processes

Investments in technologies to increase productivity and efficiency

Innovations through constant questioning of existing solutions

Teamwork to achieve our goals

Efficient use of energy and increased environmental awareness

Compliance with our Code of Conduct requirements


Quality means to us:

meet the expectations of our customers in every respect

that products and services meet the requirements 100%

that quality can only achieved with the appropriate care of all activities to be carried out and therefore ist the task of all employees in our company

Occupational saftey and health protection in the company

Quality is everyone’s business!

Quality knows no hierarchy. Everone is involved in the quality process at their own level, at their workplace. No one can escape this responsibility

Sustainability of corporate processes

We achieve the sustainability of our corporate processes through

Integration of employees and managers. Everyone is involved in the quality and environmental process at their level, at their workplace. No one can escape this responsibility.

Investing in modern technologies to increase productivity and efficiency and improve our environmental performance.

Innovating by constantly challenging existing solutions

Compliance with regulations and laws, including the prevention of environmental pollution

Communicating the importance of environmental protection through management

Achieving our environmental goals

Safety and health protection

Occupational safety and health protection in the company

Our declared goal is accident-free work.

We are all responsible for safe and healthy work - everyone for everyone and each to his own. Our managers bear a special degree of responsibility in this regard. We want to enable everyone to live up to this responsibility.

We all want to be good role models for each other.

We will constantly seek out opportunities for improvement and put them into practice through appropriate measures. In doing so, we put what has been done so far to the test and are open to new ideas.

We make our activities in occupational safety transparent and learn from each other through open discussions.

We continuously learn to recognise and deal with hazards where we cannot avoid them.

We firmly believe that no work is so urgent that it cannot be done safely.

We are committed to maintaining and promoting the health of our employees.